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Showing You How to Relax & Stay Centered

Reduce stress via our wellness benefits at Trinity Health & Wellness MEDICAL GROUP. We offer quality yoga, pilates and massage therapy services. When you arrange a session with our trainers or massage therapists, you will be able to improve your life. Our specialists can help clients in with a variety of health related issues, including low back pain/ neck strain/arthritis/ anxiety and depression. Arrange a session with us today to start the path to relaxation and reflection.

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Teaching You Moves to Better Your Life

Start practicing a form of exercise that strengthens your mind and body. By participating in our Pilates and yoga sessions, you'll start looking and feeling better. Yoga is an exercise that integrates all aspects of self - mind/body/spirit. It can help you lower your blood pressure, minimize anxiety, and improve your overall hormonal function. Our specialists will teach you how to use this meditation-based practice to create a state of balance.

Pilates is an exercise that was developed from the principles of Joseph Pilates. When you attend our sessions, you'll be able to build strength without excess bulk, strengthen core muscles, tone your frame, and promote good posture and balance. Pilates is an exercise that has been found to help prevent cardiovascular disease, improve arthritis and aid with spinal health.

Currently, we offer private Pilates/ Yoga sessions, as well as group Yoga classes for those who require therapy or treatment for different musculoskeletal conditions. We also work with individuals who want to lose weight, sculpt their body, and just have fun!

Therapeutic Massage Services

Better your overall health by having a relaxing massage. Our skilled therapists are trained to do massage techniques that will help you center your mind and body. In addition to improving your range of motion, flexibility, lymphatic circulation and lower stress levels. We offer a wide selection of massage treatments, which include:

Swedish - An Form That Uses Soothing, Long Gliding Strokes, as well as Tapping and Kneading, to Work the Entire Body (Recommended as a Prenatal Massage Method for Expecting Mothers)

Thai - An Energizing Form Where a Therapist Uses His or Her Hands, Knees, Legs, and Feet to Move You into a Series of Yoga-Like Stretches

Deep Tissue - A Form That Focuses on Relaxing Chronically Tense and Contracted Areas of the Body

Sports - A Form Designed to Help Athletes Prepare Their Bodies for Optimal Performance

Pregnancy - A Massage Form Focused on Improving Labor Outcomes for Mothers and Babies

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Reasonable Pricing

Like our medical services, our therapy sessions may be covered by your PPO insurance and some HMO insurance. We offer low cash prices as well. The prices for our services include:

Yoga & Pilates:

• Group Yoga Class - $20/ First Class FREE for TRINITY patients!
• Unlimited Group Yoga Sessions (For One Month, New Clients Only) - $99/ $120 for Return clients
• Ten Class Card (Group Class) - $150
• Five Class Card (Group Class) - $75
• Private Yoga & Reformer Pilates Session - $85
• Five Class Card (Private Sessions) - $475


• One-Hour Massage - $85 • 90-Minute Massage - $125